Tuesday, April 30, 2013

With Time to Spare...

I think this may in fact be the first time a knitted gift is actually finished prior to its gifting deadline. And, with a bit of time to spare! I am so, so glad to have finished this cowl in time for Mother's Day - and with no major mishaps. There are a few warbles here and there, but really, they will most likely only be noticed by my own eyes. A reminder that this is indeed handmade - and, made with a lot of love for that dear mother of mine.

Those needles couldn't rest for long, as this week some great friends welcomed a second daughter to their family. I grabbed this lovely, pink Madeline Tosh (it felt uber soft and lovely after knitting linen for so long), and cast on for a itty-bitty hat and a pair of booties. I am always amazed that these new littles actually fit into such tiny garments. I know her itty-bitty feet will be warm, cozy and wrapped with love in these new goodies. Ah, babies. 


  1. yay for finishing by a deadline, it's thrilling isn't it? now you can cast on something else!!

  2. Gorgeous colour for that hat!