Friday, May 10, 2013

A Hop, Skip and a Jump...

Hello, Friends. We've made a jump over to Wordpress, complete with a new look and name! We're still getting some of the kinks out here and there, but please join us on over at Sowing by the Sea from here on out. Cheers.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Flower Potluck :: Kinfolk Dinner



On an unseasonably warm evening in the hills of upper Ojai, an intimate group of folks from all different walks of life gathered to enjoy good company, good food, and have a go at arranging flowers.  We each brought a handful of flowers to add to the mix, while Jodi gave us a lesson chalk full of tips and tricks of the trade on how best to arrange the blossoms. We sipped Rhubarb Tea, noshed on an array of cheeses and Seville Orange marmalade, all before sitting down for an equally delicious dinner. It was the type of evening that gets you out of your comfort zone - where you meet others you most likely never would have otherwise. Yet, if you lived in the same town you'd instantly be good friends. Sling Shots & Flower Bombs, honey & infinity scarfs were just a few of the treats that filled our arms upon departure. It proved to be an evening to reconnect with nature, reconnect with ourselves and (re)connect with others. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Seasonal Bouquet

Kumquat branches in a tin vase 

Monday, May 6, 2013

With Thanks to our Teachers


A simple gift for my son's nursery teachers, painted and planted by him, and given on this week of teacher appreciation. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gourds in the Garden


Having a little person in the house definitely sways some of the garden goodies that are grown out back. Any trip to the nursery results in an extra plant here & there, or a few extra packs of seeds. Last summer it was bottle gourds that caught his attention. And, when our then three year old has a pack of seeds in hand, and a garden box all his own, you're bound to end up with gourds everywhere. We harvested about 10 of them last Fall, and hung them in the shed out back to dry. They became covered in a coating of mold and mildew, as they hung there for the better part of 7 months. (we actually forgot about them for awhile). When they seemed to have dried underneath their mildew blanket, we rinsed them in a bleach solution to stop the aging and clean them up. 

Our little man recently took a spill and fractured his hand. Now that its all wrapped in a lovely red cast, I'm on a quest to provide engaging activities that don't involve his favorites:  sand, water or dirt - not an easy task! Earlier this week he had one of his best buddies over to play, so I set up a little station for them to have at the gourds. We drilled holes in each, in which to invite the birds in for a nest or two, and tied twine to the tops. They painted and painted the houses, these two. Comparing colors choices, mixing up new tones, imagining what type of bird families would like each house, and wondering if the birds would fly from our house to his to try out each of their painted houses. The finished products are awfully cute, but I think I may have enjoyed overhearing their ideas and sharing in their experiences even more so. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

With Time to Spare...

I think this may in fact be the first time a knitted gift is actually finished prior to its gifting deadline. And, with a bit of time to spare! I am so, so glad to have finished this cowl in time for Mother's Day - and with no major mishaps. There are a few warbles here and there, but really, they will most likely only be noticed by my own eyes. A reminder that this is indeed handmade - and, made with a lot of love for that dear mother of mine.

Those needles couldn't rest for long, as this week some great friends welcomed a second daughter to their family. I grabbed this lovely, pink Madeline Tosh (it felt uber soft and lovely after knitting linen for so long), and cast on for a itty-bitty hat and a pair of booties. I am always amazed that these new littles actually fit into such tiny garments. I know her itty-bitty feet will be warm, cozy and wrapped with love in these new goodies. Ah, babies. 

The Seasonal Bouquet :: 5.30.2013

{Once a week, pictures of our own garden-grown flowers that are brought in-doors} 

White Ranunculus, Baby Purple Artichokes and Japanese Maple in a vintage mason jar